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    AE&E Nanjing boiler Co.,Ltd ( AE&E NJ )is a manufacturer of heat recovery steam generators, special boilers, power plant boilers, industry boilers, environment & new energy equipment and pressure vessels.  The company is a limited liability company. The registered place, the main location of business:  139 Tai Shan Road ,Jianye District CN-210019 Nanjing, China. The registered capital: RMB 128,824,800 yuan.
    AE&E NJ was formerly known as Nanjing boiler works, founded in 1958.  The company was restructured to a joint venture company, Deltak power equipment (China) Co., Ltd in 2004.It had been dedicated to the designing and manufacturing heat recovery steam generators ( HRSG ), special boiler for providing the high ¨C quality HRSG products and service for the global customers.
    The company was restructured into Austrian Energy & Environment Group ( AE&E ) in 2007, and was renamed to AE&E Nanjing boiler Co.,Ltd, It continued to engage in the designing and manufacturing boilers, HRSG, environment equipment and pressure vessels.
    By cooperation with the boiler suppliers, technical team  and specialists from America and Europe, AE&E NJ absorbs the innovative design concept and programs of HRSG, ( circulating fluidised bed ) CFB and has the great progress and development in  the HRSG, special boiler, CFB technologies field. We are provided with the capacity of concept design, detailing and construction. With a great references in America and Europe, we are appreciated by the global customers, including GE,
     In 2011, AE&E NJ was restructured to a company of China transmission company ( China transmission is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange ( stock code : 00658 ). China  transmission is a large enterprise producing high speed heavy duty gearbox.. In recent years, through a large number of the technology and production equipment investment, China transmission has become a leading enterprise  among China¡¯s gearbox marked as recognized and has ranked among the world leaders in technology, equipment, product performance and so on and has ranked as one of the 100 most competitive enterprises of China¡¯s machinery industry. China transmission focuses on wind power generation equipment and has achieved breakthrough progress in new energy resources filed. 
     After China transmission becomes the stockholder of AE&E NJ, it brings AE&E NJ the China transmission¡¯s philosophy: ¡° Make the world first-class enterprise¡±.
Together with AE&E NJ collects the talents of boiler in the world and develop the oversea R&D center for leading the technical innovation and R&D of the company in the future. And we will invest to build a heavy type assembly workshop, upgrade the existing equipment in workshop and train the 6S management to employees, so as to make AE&E NJ become a top level boiler manufacturer in china and the world renowned first-class enterprise.
    China transmission will support the development of AE&E NJ and help AE&E NJ to expand the huge domestic market while maintaining the international marketing channel, by utilizing its status of industry, its know-how and its marketing channel in the relevant fields. After shareholding transferred, AE&E NJ is still entitled to  use the trademark of ¡°AE&E NJ¡±, and other related intellectual properties. AE&E NJ has the technical center in America and Australia to support R&D, oversea project management and global procurement and so on for the company.
    AE&E Nanjing boiler Co.,Ltd holds the certificates as following:Class ¡°A¡± manufacture license of boiler, ChinaDesign and manufacturing license for A1,A2 pressure vesselISO9000: 2000 quality management system certificate Certificates of  authorization to use  ASME  ¡°U¡± stamp ( pressure vessel ), ASME ¡°S¡± stamp ( power boiler ) meet the requirement in Europe market£ºCertificates of compliance EN ISO 3834-2: 2005 and AD 2000 HP0.
    AE&E NJ has a professional boiler research & development team which consistes about 100 engineering technical personnel who are experienced in developing HRSGs and special boilers.
HRSG institute is set up in order to absorb  outstanding people to join us to developing high-technical HRSG products. Based on customers jobsite , transportation and erection conditions, HRSG can be designed into modular type, C sections, bundles and panels. If required by operating and environmental protection, HRSG can also be designed with bypass stack, duct burners and SCR.
    AE&E NJ offered many excellent projects for electric power, coking, metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, refining industry.
    AE&ENJ is adopting high technologies from China Transmission and overseas in managing its company including engineering planning, design software, key technology, production process, quality control, technical service & training, erection guidance, commissioning guidance and project management etc. Therefore we have a group of technical and managing people and a service team which is adapt to global erection and commissioning guidance.
     In order to satisfy customer requests, we are establishing a specific project managing team for each contract in order to handle with all affairs related to the contract and also the smooth execution of the contract.
    AE&E NJ has strict quality control system.  Managers have to receive direct training in quality, design, production, etc to quarantee product quality and customer requests.
    AE&ENJ  is located in Nanjing New city technical park. It occupies 1200000 m2 and is adjacent to Nanjing Olympic center. Xinshengwei port is only 26 kilometers from our company. This port is the biggest general used port along Yangtz River. It is capable of harboring 50 thousand tonnage heavy lift vessel all year long.  Big sized equipment can be shipped directly to designated port in each country. Several ports for domestic transportation were built within Nanjing section along Yangtz River which is suitable for transporting big sized equipments.
    AE&E NJ has about 800 employees, first-class production process and testing facilities. Major equipments are big scale rolling machine, serpent tube production line, membrane wall production line, 9m beveling machine, CNC cutting machine, imported CNC punch machine, HRSG production line, heat treatment oven for HRSG use, hydro-test platform for HRSG use, all kinds of imported welding machine, sandblasting room and imported NDT devices, etc.
    AE&E NJ will be a leading global supplier with high technology, high efficiency, good quality and professional service in the filed.


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